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This wedding bundle includes the Wedding Contract, the Wedding Questionnaire and the Elegance Pricing Guide to have you all set for the wedding experience you want to give. Don’t miss any element to provide the best experience for your client during their preparation for a wedding. Book your ideal clients, get to know them and start off with a right foot from the beginning.

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About This Product

Elevate your client’s buying experience with the way you present your prices and packages. We give you a stunning format and then guide you through the information to include in a pricing guide to blow all your clients away.

Through the customizable questionnaire, Camila offers you her personal insights on how to talk and more importantly what to ask to begin to get to know your clients. The questions can be adapted to cover any type of creative business’s needs. We provide a list with an infinite amount of questions that includes what Camila Urrea personally asks too.

Through the wedding contract, we will precisely outline for you the points you must touch on to keep things in check with your clients. The contract we are providing to you is the same one used by Camila Urrea herself. We have made it easily editable for you to adapt it for your own needs.

Language: Spanish
Price: Prices are in USD


Here’s everything you get in the contract:

1. Downloadable PDF with a customizable written contract for wedding shoots

a. More than 30 clauses
b. Covering topics such as

i. Causes of force majeure protection
ii. Cancelations/refunds policy
iii. Payment schedule and requirements
iv. Details about the shoot and your work prior to the wedding
v. Late fees
vi. Travel fees, schedules and requirements
vii. Late arrivals
viii. Copyrights and printing rights
ix. Cooperation of guests, family and other parties that fail to perform
x. Artist rights
xi. Deliveries
xii. Emergency/injury requirements and protection

2. A family contract in Spanish.

This contract guide includes the clauses that I use in my contracts for my clients. They are all written in a friendly tone and language to create a better customer experience. This contract will help you have everything in order with your client. It will prevent any misunderstanding or disagreement there could be. It is designed to be altered and adapted to your own business.

Here’s everything you get in the questionnaire

1. A downloadable PDF with more than 50 questions covering wedding shoots
Introduction to the art of asking.
2. Specialized information for asking questions about wedding shoots.

Here’s everything you get in the pricing guide template:

1. Letter size – Adobe InDesign template

2. Template including the following topics:
b. Covering topics such as

a. Index
b. Introduction
c. Philosophy behind your brand
d. Pricing
e. Extras
f. Travel fees
g. How to book
h. Appreciation

3. Pages full of guidance on what to say on each page and what information your client wants to hear.
4. Download links and typography links for you to use
5.A guide to help you understand how Adobe InDesign works so that you can customize and edit your own template
6. A video tutorial for you to follow along on all the changes you can make
7. Compatible with CS5/ 5.5/ 6 2021


01. Is this template in Spanish or English?
The totality of this template is in Spanish.
02. Who created this template?
This template was created by Camila Urrea herself.
03. Can I get a refund for this template?
No, no refunds are offered after final purchase.
04. How many times can I access this template or access it after I have purchased it?
After you purchase this template you will be able to download it up to 2 times.
05. Can I use my iPhone or iPad to access this template?
Yes, of course! This template is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. This includes and is not limited to iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, and Apple TV.

About The Author

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Camila Urrea is a photographer specialized in weddings with more than 8 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has learned how to deal with her clients, how to create better experiences for them and above all to create real and honest images. She was nominated and won as one of the 30 best photographers in the world by Rangefinder. She has also been named one of the best wedding photographers in Mexico. Camila has studied photography with the best in the industry in different parts of the world such as London, Scotland, Greece, Mexico and Hawaii and has been published by several magazines such as Vogue and The Lane.

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