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Covering larger weddings or events means more people, more time, more love, and more special moments. If you want to add someone to your team be sure to communicate what you expect from them. Having the best relationship with your second shooter means a better experience for your client. This contract will help you out with that!

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When you start creating a more successful and thriving business you might find yourself having more tasks to do. This is when you must begin delegating and prioritizing your time to focus on the parts of your business where you are truly indispensable. As you start booking the jobs of your dreams, many of these might be larger and lengthier events. Having a second shooter can help you deliver a better assortment of photographs to your clients given the distinct angles and perspectives you will be able to reach. It is important that when you hire a second shooter you think of the similarities you share to create work that is true to your own voice and style. At the end of the day this is what your client hired you for.

After you find the perfect photographer to add to your team it is important to communicate what you expect from them. You should always outline their duties and responsibilities in the most clear and transparent way possible. The best way to do this is signing a contract together. Having a contract in place will prevent you from having problems that you had never even thought of. Being straight about where you stand and understanding where your second shooter stands will always facilitate the process and will result in better work. Through this template, a second shooter contract, we provide the points you must touch on to keep things in check with the person you hire. This contract is the same used by Camila Urrea herself. We have made it easily editable in PDF and Word format for you to adapt to your own needs.

Having a contract is something you should settle at the upfront of your business. Through our contract we lay out the type of situations you should prevent or protect yourself from. Thanks to the many clauses we have created as part of the business contract we show you the ways to prevent all sorts of misunderstanding and disagreements. There is nothing like having a contract to protect yourself in worst case scenarios

Language: Spanish
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Here’s everything you get in the contract:

1. Downloadable PDF and Word document with a customizable written contract for your second shooter.

a. More than 35 clauses
b. Covering topics such as

i. Main responsibilities
ii. Exclusivity
iii. Agreeing on salaries
iv. Working schedules
v. Protecting your business and clients
vi. Traveling with your second shooter
vii. No shows and last minute cancellations
viii. Copyrights and printing rights
ix. Artist rights
x. Worst case scenario! Lost or damaged photos
xi. Working attire
xii. Working etiquette
xiii. Working with equipment

2. A second shooter contract in Spanish.

This contract guide includes the clauses that I use in my contracts with my second shooters. It is written in an understandable language to make sure everything is laid down in the most clear and transparent way possible. This contract will help you communicate to your second shooter what you expect and what you want from the team. It will also help you prevent any misunderstanding or disagreements there could be. It is designed to be altered and adapted to your own business.


This contract is designed for photographers or videographers who are looking to grow their team. Regardless of your knowledge in judicial matters, this product will keep you in check with the people you are adding to your team. Implementing this customizable contract when hiring a second shooter will make sure this person knows what you expect and the responsibilities you are trusting them with.

No level of experience is needed. For this template, a desire to keep everything under control and avoid any type of conflict with your teammates, is all that is needed. This contract is for those who want to build businesses that are safeguarded by documents in case of an emergency or something unexpected.


A personal message from Camila Urrea herself:

If you know me, making sure everything is clear and transparent with the people I work with is the core part of my business. This goes on with the people I hire to be part of my team. I had to learn to trust and be confident about other people when I began the process of expanding my team. A contract definitely helped me do this. From laying down salaries, to keeping a privacy and non-disclosure agreement, to insuring myself if photographs get lost or damaged, was all very important to me.

What happens if your second shooter cancels at the last minute? What happens if your second shooter’s photographs get lost or damaged? Can your second shooter contact your clients directly? What should your second shooter wear to a wedding to look professional? These are all things you should think about. Having a contract signed when doing business will prevent you from having problems and will also improve the experience you give to your clients. I truly trust that having this contract as part of your business will significantly improve the relationships you hold with your teammates and the work that you create with them.

Being clear about what you expect from the people you work with means doing more for you. I’m confident about this!

xx, Camila


Rise by Creatives will not be held responsible or accountable for any legal activity to come of this. Buyer assumes all legal responsibility. Any modifications to existing provisions or added provisions should be legally reviewed to ensure reliability and legality. It is recommended to add any provisions and/or clauses specific to your location (city, state, country, providence, etc.) required to protect you.


Working with other people can always be tricky, especially when it’s in your own business that you created and built yourself after years of hard work. This template really gave me everything I needed to create my own contract and put it into place with the people I hired. Having this contract signed by my second shooter has really helped feel more confident about their work and our work together.

José Nuñez

Everything was fine with my second shooter until we started traveling and going to destination weddings together. Things like pricier meals, sleeping arrangements and even the seats on planes came up. Creating a contract to have this all laid out upfront has really helped our relationship. When we’re both happy while working together, the work we create is better. It really is like magic. Thank you Rise for making me open my eyes to the importance of contacts.

Alejandra Saavedra


01. Is this template in Spanish or English?

The totality of this template is in Spanish.

02. Who created this template?

This template was created by Camila Urrea herself.

03. Can I get a refund for this template?

No, no refunds are offered after final purchase.

04. How many times can I access this template or access it after I have purchased it?

After you purchase this template you will be able to download it up to 2 times.

05. Can I use my iPhone or iPad to access this template?

Yes, of course! This template is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. This includes and is not limited to iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, and Apple TV.

About The Author

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Camila Urrea is a photographer specialized in weddings with more than 8 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has learned how to deal with her clients, how to create better experiences for them and above all to create real and honest images. She was nominated and won as one of the 30 best photographers in the world by Rangefinder. She has also been named one of the best wedding photographers in Mexico. Camila has studied photography with the best in the industry in different parts of the world such as London, Scotland, Greece, Mexico and Hawaii and has been published by several magazines such as Vogue and The Lane.

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