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Understanding who your customer is and what they want from you is key to offering the best service. In order to truly form a relationship of trust and total understanding, you must make knowing your client a priority. You should never be afraid to ask too much. If you explain to your client why it is necessary, your client will feel comfortable to talk to you.

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Through these customizable questionnaires, Camila offers you her personal insights on how to talk, and more importantly, what to ask to begin to get to know your clients. The questions can be adapted to cover any type of creative business’ needs. We provide a list with an infinite amount of questions that includes what Camila Urrea personally asks too. By asking the types of questions we have created for you, you will find your job so much more easygoing, enjoyable and well-directed. Knowing what to ask and what to talk about with your clients is something every creative business needs.

Language: Spanish
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  • A downloadable PDF with more than 200+ questions covering wedding shoots, couple’s shoots, family shoots and product shoots.
  • Introduction to the art of asking.
  • Specialized information for asking questions about each type of shoot.
  • Downloadable PDF in Spanish.

This guide is designed for photographers or videographers who specialize in weddings, casual sessions, family sessions, or product sessions. If you don’t specialize in photography this guide can see you through the most important things to keep in mind when deciding the ways to talk with your client.

No matter your level of experience, this guide is meant to show you the fundamentals and expert tips that will push you towards more meaningful conversations with your clients to produce better work. Having the right conversations can help you throughout your whole career. This is for those who want to create stronger relationships with their clients to always offer the best for their specific needs.


This guide includes a list of questions directed for different types of photo shoots. You can use this same guide of questions to get to know your client. The categories of sessions offered in these questionnaires are Wedding, Family, Products, and Couples Sessions. In this guide you will find conflict avoidance questions by category for your specific session type. In addition to more than 100 different questions, you will also find a bit of my experience with these questionnaires and how I use them in my workflow. These are the exact questions that I use with my clients to be on the same page as them. Having the answers to these questions from your clients will help you capture them in the most real and sincere way possible.

xx, Camila Urrea


I always felt a little shy or awkward when talking to my clients. I think the problem was that I didn’t know what to talk about. I used these questionnaires as a way to improve the conversations I had with my clients and I feel so confident now!!! Practice can improve anything. But these questionnaires really gave me a starting point to be conscious of the important things I need to talk about with my clients. I now feel like I hold stronger and more meaningful relationships with my clients.

Sofía Arroyo

These questionnaires contain a whole set of questions that will blow your mind in terms of what to talk about with your client. There are questions that I would have never thought about but now know that I have to ask. Even after reading the questions included I thought of more that apply to my own brand. This product is totally focused on client experience. I feel that I now know my clients more because of the questions I ask and I can give them a better service experience.

Juan Pablo Tostado


01. Is this guide/tool in Spanish or English?

The totality of this template is in Spanish.

02. Who created this guide/tool?

This template was created by Camila Urrea herself.

03. Can I get a refund for this guide/tool?

No, no refunds are offered after final purchase.

04. How many times can I access this guide/tool or access it after I have purchased it?

After you purchase this template you will be able to download it up to 2 times.

05. Can I use my iPhone or iPad to access this guide/tool?

Yes, of course! This template is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. This includes and is not limited to iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, and Apple TV.

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Camila Urrea is a photographer specialized in weddings with more than 8 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has learned how to deal with her clients, how to create better experiences for them and above all to create real and honest images. She was nominated and won as one of the 30 best photographers in the world by Rangefinder. She has also been named one of the best wedding photographers in Mexico. Camila has studied photography with the best in the industry in different parts of the world such as London, Scotland, Greece, Mexico and Hawaii and has been published by several magazines such as Vogue and The Lane.

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