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This course is fully focused on creating the best experience for your client. We focus on topics that will make your clients feel confident and satisfied and in return speak highly of you or recommend you. 

We know client experience is the key to any business’s success! Understand how it works and why making client experience a priority will transform your brand.  

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This course is fully focused on creating the best experience for your client. We focus on topics that will make your clients feel confident and satisfied and in return speak highly of you or recommend you.
We know client experience is the key to any business’s success! Understand how it works and why making client experience a priority will transform your brand.
Have you ever bought a product that you were really excited for and really wanted but ended up feeling disappointed by it because of the experience you went through to get it? Client experience can make or break a product, and when it comes down to a service, it’s the only thing that matters. People will only remember you by how you made them feel. And in the creative industry the relationships you hold with your clients are what get you to your dreams.

In this course we explain and show you all there is to consider when focusing on client experience. If your business depends on clients it is necessary to create relationships built upon trust and reliability. When you start creating stronger connections with your work and the people you work with you will find much more passion in what you do. Through this course, we provide everything you need to know to create an experience for your clients that will exceed their expectations and, implicitly, make you feel more satisfied with the service you provide. It’s a never ending satisfying cycle! Your clients will be happy and you will be more so too. Keep your clients coming and turn them into friends, your whole business will be transformed through client experience.

Language: Spanish
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Here’s everything you get in this course:

1. A downloadable PDF with a complete presentation on client experience of more than 150 pages full of content to learn.
2. A PDF workbook with different exercises to practice and work at the topics that are essential to understanding the client experience. The exercises in the workbook are designed to show you how to create and offer an amazing client experience that parallels your style and voice to fulfill your business’s specific needs.
3. 20+ exclusive videos with over 2 hours of lectures given by Camila Urrea herself to fully understand the content and apply it.
4. Additional creative content and references.
5. A sound meditation to set the mood given by co-founder of Rise, Renata Villand.
6. Available to watch the 20+ videos on your iPhone, Computer (Mac and PC), Tablet or TV.
7. Compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows.
8. A lifetime access.

* The 20+ videos are designed for you to watch whenever and wherever.

Table of contents:
1. Inspiration

a. A meditation to get you in the mood
b. Exclusive content of the behind the scenes of Camila Urrea working with her clients

2. Intro

a. Welcome to Client Experience
b. A little about Camila Urrea

3. The Fundamentals

a. What is client experience?
b. A happy clients vs. an unhappy one
c. The importance of a well-though client experience
d. The client experience cycle

4. Resources to help you with client experience

a. Start off with your right foot
b. Having a website
c. Making your clients trust you
d. Meetings & moodboards

5.Your interactions with clients

a. The first time you meet
b. Presenting your prices in the best way
c. Follow-ups
d. Establishing boundaries

6. Beyond just being a provider

a. Be your client’s friend
b. Back-ups
c. Extra Tips

7. Rounding up the client experience

a. Conclusion
b. Give us your testimony

*All topics are deeply covered and explained. This course includes explanations, specific examples and scenarios, and tips and tricks on every topic.


This course is for you if you want to improve the relationships you hold with your clients and take their experience with you to the next level. There is probably someone out there who can do the same work you do. However there’s no one out there who is you. So if you want your clients to remember your work for what it is YOU put into it, this client experience course is for you.
With this course you will discover the core values that you want to portray through your brand and you will make your clients understand them too through an experience that coheres with your final product.
This course is designed for anyone and everyone who has a business and wants to make it exemplary in our competitive business world. This course is for those who know they have a great business idea but want to take the extra step to make it bound for success .

This course is for you if you understand that to create a successful and thriving business you need to create strong connections with your clients based on profound trust.


In an ever more competitive world as it is today, finding the way to distinguish yourself from other businesses might seem impossible. In our client experience, course, we give you the proven formula to create a unique and exceptional buying experience for your client. The information we give you has been used to build more than 3 successful businesses that are still up and running today, serving happy clients and differentiating themselves from other businesses in the same markets.
Client experience is the core part of what I have built around my work. I prioritize the experience I give my clients to strive for authenticity when capturing extremely intimate, private and real moments while putting something of myself into it too. I begin by establishing the key parts of a relationship that revolves around trust. When we do this type of work we owe it to ourselves to commit to the ones who are opening up to us. The energy you put into it is what talks back when you look at those photos. This connection that occurs between the photographer and who is being photographed is something I am drawn to every day. The work transcends and our relationship does so too. Relationships take work and this is what I put into it. The greatest reward is being considered a friend, but in this there is a true need to be transparent, to be sincere, to be a safekeeper. This is why client experience is important to me.

xx, Camila Urrea


“¡Gracias Camila! Nos encantó tu plática del curso. Admiramos que a tu corta edad tengas la personalidad para compartir una experiencia que para nosotros sea tan gratificante. Sabemos que esta información nos va a servir para mejorar nuestra atención a nuestros clientes. Gracias infinitas.”

Olay Da Vega Fotografía

“¡Qué gran charla, Camila! Tenía una idea de querer generar una mejor experiencia, pero después de ver tu charla, me di cuenta que siempre se puede hacer más y que la experiencia al cliente debería ser el pilar de mi marca. ¡Gracias y un abrazo desde Perú!”
“Camila, no caben palabras para describir todo el valor que acabamos de recibir de ti. En verdad es impresionante el curso. Lo que me encantó fue la pasión y profesionalismo con la que hablas. Sobretodo, me gustaron los consejos y ejemplos prácticos. Me encantó como eres tan transparente y tu energía es inigualable. ¡Eres una persona brillante!”


“¡No sabes la emoción! Muchísimas gracias por existir, y por hacer fotos y cosas increíbles por la comunidad. Me encantó la plática del curso. Estoy muy emocionada de poder aplicar todo lo que aprendí ahora que estoy empezando. ¡Gracias!”

Adis Álvarez


01. If I still don’t have a business, is this course for me?

Yes, this course is specifically designed for someone who has or is just starting out their business. This course will give you the foundation of how to create an amazing client experience for your business today or in the future.

02. If I am not a photographer, is this course for me?

Yes! This course is for any business owner who is trying to elevate their business through client experience.

03. Is this course in Spanish or English?

The totality of this course is in Spanish.

04. Who created this course?

This course was created by Camila Urrea herself.

05. Do I have to buy the workbook apart?

No, this course includes a presentation with written content, videos that explain the content and a complete workbook to practice and exercise what you’ve learned.

06. Can I get a refund for this course?

No, no refunds are offered after final purchase.

07. How many times can I access this course or watch the videos of this cours after I have purchased it?

After you purchase this course you will be able to access it and watch it as many times you want.

08. Where will I watch the videos that go with this course?

The videos that go with this course will be available for you through Kajabi.

09. Can I use my iPhone or iPad to take this course?

Yes, of course! This course is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices. This includes and is not limited to iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, and Apple TV.

About The Author

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Camila Urrea is a photographer specialized in weddings with more than 8 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has learned how to deal with her clients, how to create better experiences for them and above all to create real and honest images. She was nominated and won as one of the 30 best photographers in the world by Rangefinder. She has also been named one of the best wedding photographers in Mexico. Camila has studied photography with the best in the industry in different parts of the world such as London, Scotland, Greece, Mexico and Hawaii and has been published by several magazines such as Vogue, Brides, and The Lane, Theodore, Junebug and was awarded best picture of 2021 by IWPOTY.

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